We have helped customers build
world-class construction projects since 1994


For over 25 years, ACS Construction has been serving clients in Southern CA and The Middle East.

Services include construction management, general contracting, sub-contracted ‘hard bid’ trade work, dewatering, excavation and grading, reinforced concrete, masonry, site work, underground utilities and landscaping.

• Dewatering License
• Building Contracting
• Prefabricated Wooden Houses Contracting
• Road Contracting
• Sewage & Drainage Contracting
• Ports & Marine Construction Contracting
• Electric Power Station Contracting


Aster Construction Services (“ACS”) delivers high quality commercial and residential construction with integrity, consistency and value. We’re a Southern California and Middle East based company operating for over 25 years, positioned to capitalize on our significantly diversified business model. Our company has been aggressively taking market shares from less sophisticated competitors by offering broad spectrum of interconnected services.

Our services include construction management, general contracting, sub-contracted ‘hard bid’ trade work, dewatering, excavation and grading, reinforced concrete, masonry, site work, underground utilities and landscaping.

On the contract construction side, ACS serves roughly 3 different market segments. In the United States, we serve local, state and federal government agencies with an objective to win large prevailing wage contracts. Plus we also serve well-known American companies where we can build relationships and offer exceptional service as a preferred subcontractor. Lastly, ACS serves large scale international project management jobs, as well as trade jobs in U.A.E and Middle East, where we can utilize its extensive international expertise and experience to add value and control costs. ACS is experienced in delivering construction services as a general contractor, a construction manager or a sub-contracting firm.


ACS is lead by a veteran management team of three key officers.

The president and general manager, Wadih Eddie Daher, is a construction engineer with master’s degree in Civil Engineering. Wadih Daher has over 20 years of experience in construction both internationally as well as in the United States. The Vice President and head of development and commercial division, Alan Hajjar, is a civil engineer with masters in civil engineering with over 20 years of experience in development and construction projects. The Vice President and head of the residential division, George Ghossain, is a civil engineer with bachelor degree in civil engineering with over 10 years of construction experience as a project engineer/manager.

Together, this team, along with other experienced project managers, project engineers & superintendents, make ACS an extremely well managed and experience-driven organization.


ACS, Inc is capable of offering nearly any trade or service in construction industry either in-house or through its wide network of sub-contractors and affiliates. Although it is perhaps best known for its grading, underground utilities, foundation, concrete and masonry expertise it also has a very strong presence in all other trades. Integration of product lines and consolidation across market segments is a widening trend in the construction industry and ACS is on the forefront of this movement offering not just a package of in house trades to customers, but also expertise in dewatering, project analysis, feasibility studies, and real estate market studies. This added value and convenience gives ACS a diverse set of channels to serve clients and earn their business. ACS has four licenses in California, A-General Engineering, B-General Building, C-8-Concrete, C29- Masonry, a Dual Building license in Arizona and Building Contracting, Prefabricated wooden Houses Contracting, Road Contracting, Sewage & Drainage Contracting, Ports & Marine Construction Contracting, Electric Power Station Contracting in Dubai, U.A.E.

In short, ACS is a world-class organization that is committed to the advancement and success of its clients. Operating with a diverse palette of services and under the guidance of an experienced management team, ACS Construction provides complete service and top-notch results. With several Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, and city governments counted among its clients, ACS has proven its capacity to excel even when faced with the most challenging of projects. The future only looks brighter for ACS as more and more clients come to discover this powerhouse customer-centric construction company.