Mariam Mother of Life Shrine

Landscaping, electrical, basketball court, fencing, railing, concrete paving & walkways, stone work and engraving imported from Lebanon, natural stone statue for Virgin Mary engraved in Lebanon.

The Mariam Mother of Life Shrine was completed in 2004 by St. Ephrem Maronite Catholic Church, a local Lebanese parish. The giant Madonna statue stands atop a circular brick mound, featuring a grotto that houses the altar and a mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe. A ramp winds up the side of the mound, engraved Stations of the Cross (“The Mysteries”) spaced along the way.

Towering Mary, carved from Lebanese stone, holds a young Jesus, who gazes down upon us — on close inspection he’s more of a toddler than an infant. The sculpture is by a Lebanese artist, and the shrine is said to be in the tradition of Catholic shrines in Lebanon. At its base are many flowers and offerings.

St Ephrem Church
Project Description
Concrete retaining walls using shotcrete. All walls had different radiuses and vertical slopes.
Project Completion


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