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Demolition of existing slab, rebuild amphitheater, build steal structure to support the largest IMAX screen, build new projection room, install all new audio/video equipment and new seats.

Reopening after extensive renovations in Sept 2013, the TCL Chinese Theatre became first, and currently only, IMAX® theatre in Hollywood, CA. Equipped with all technological marvels of The IMAX Experience®, including ground-breaking, crystal-clear laser projection, cutting-edge laser-aligned sound technology and enormous, curved screen spanning both from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, providing moviegoers visiting this historic site with one of the world’s most immersive cinematic experiences.

Chinese Theater LLC.
Project Description
Rebuild interior of the world famous Chinese theater to construct the largest IMAX theater in California.
Project Completion


MX4D at TCL Chinese Theatre

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MX4D at TCL Chinese Theatre

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