Theatre Box San Diego

Convert eight theatres into luxury theatres and build 27,000 sq. ft. restaurant on the first level with retail.

Encompassing one city block at Fifth Avenue and G Street, the 73,000 sq.ft. Theatre Box complex, a collaboration between TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood and Sugar Factory, was inspired by the movie-going experience and traditional theatre box filled with various treats. The Theatre Box is TCL Chinese Theatre’s first luxury dine-in cinema, Sugar Factory confections, retail, gelato bar and café, Sugar Factory American Brasserie, and Chocolate Lounge.

Located on second story, the luxury boutique cinema houses eight theaters and treats moviegoers to an experience unlike anything else in the world, including movie premieres and other special events. Each of the luxury theaters provide plush, reclining seating for approximately 100 people. At the touch of a button, movie-goers are able to enjoy over-the-top offerings from Sugar Factory’s expansive menu of signature cocktails, dishes and desserts in the comfort of their individual leather recliners.

The 14,000 sq.ft. Sugar Factory American Brasserie is situated on the main level, which is accessible by both Fifth Avenue and G Street. Designed by Gulla Jonsdottir, the new Sugar Factory in San Diego is the brand’s most luxurious location to date, topped with high ceilings, oversized crystal chandeliers and filled with lush furnishings.

The 3,000 sq.ft. Chocolate Lounge, located on the main level, offers an oasis where chocolate lovers’ fantasies are turned into reality. The intimate lounge serves an array of exclusive, movie-themed cocktails served in chocolate dipped glassware as well as host various DJ appearances.

Sugar Factory
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50,000 sq.ft. Theater and Restaurant
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